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This Month in Canadian History: 

"On January 1, 1941, CBC News Service is formally opened; Radio-Canada's News division is also created. 

Several special radio broadcasts took place in the 1940s including Winston Churchill's speech from the House of Commons in Ottawa. By mid decade, a number of private radio stations were affiliated with the national network and a total of 43 hours of French and English programs were being broadcast daily, compared with 10 hours just a few years earlier in 1936. 

As the next decade approaches, television is on the horizon and CBC/Radio-Canada is preparing for it. In 1947, the Corporation presented a 15-year plan for the development of television in Canada."  Source: CBC Radio-Canada

Until 1947, Canada was a nation without citizens. 'Canadians' were simply British subjects living in Canada. It was an embarrassment for a country that emerged from the Second World War with a strong sense of nationhood. On January 1, 1947, the Canadian Citizenship Act came into effect and Canadians finally became Canadian citizens."  Source: CBC Digital Archives


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