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This Month in Canadian History: 

On July 1 1867, at noon, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and the Province of Canada were proclaimed the Dominion of Canada, with John A. Macdonald its first prime minister.

Now, the area of Upper Canada was called Ontario and Lower Canada was called Quebec.

In most parts of the new Dominion, it was a dazzling sunny day. The reverberation of a brass band could be heard in many towns.

In Toronto, children were given Union Jacks to wave and an ox was roasted in front of St. Lawrence Hall, with the meat then distributed to the poor.

In Ottawa, a military review on Parliament Hill fired a salute. The soldiers forgot to take the ramrods out of their rifles and the iron rods arched over Sparks Street.

Macdonald's new wife Agnes wrote in her diary marking the day. "This new Dominion of ours came noisily into existence on the 1st, and the very newspapers look hot and tired, with the weight of Announcements and Cabinet lists. Here - in this house - the atmosphere is so awfully political that sometimes I think the very flies hold Parliaments on the kitchen Tablecloths."

Source: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation


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